Two for Tuesday - Time for Academic Vocabulary

Another Tuesday has rolled around, so it's time again to link up with Chalk One Up for the Teacher!

This week I'm marking down my two academic vocabulary bundles for Social Studies.

Academic vocabulary is such an important part of all the subject areas but is often left out or done only when those teachable moments occur.  Academic vocabulary instruction needs to be systematic and deliberate.  Studies have shown that students need to be exposed to new words as many as 28 times before they can learn them!  As the words the students are learning become more sophisticated, they need even more opportunities to recall the words, use them, and understand how they relate to other words.  

To ensure that my students were being exposed to the academic vocabulary words in Social Studies as much as possible, I created my Social Studies Academic Vocabulary Bundle. 

The bundle includes 136 word wall mini posters that show the vocabulary term, the definition, and a graphic...

 an 84-page student packet which contains a half-page section for each word where students record their own definition, a sentence using the word, and draw a picture, symbol, or other graphic representation of the term...

as well as a full alphabetical glossary of all 136 words...

and a banner for your word wall!

My students referred to our word wall throughout the year, and I believe the time we spent working on the academic vocabulary packets made a big difference in their learning.

I also created an academic vocabulary bundle for 4th grade. You can get both of these bundles in my TPT Store today for half off!

Have fun browsing through all the other 2 for Tuesday deals!

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