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When I decided to become a teacher (which seems like a million years ago) I thought I wanted to teach young kids, the younger the better.  I think it was because I was afraid older students would be too difficult to control.  My first experience in a classroom was with second graders.  I loved them!  They were so sweet!  I really believed that lower el was where I was meant to be.

I was so nervous when I was assigned to a fourth grade classroom for student teaching.  I am so thankful today for that experience, because it was there that I learned the joys of teaching in an upper elementary classroom.  After a year of subbing I was hired as a fifth grade teacher, and I haven't looked back since.

To me fifth grade is the perfect grade to teach.  Fifth graders are old enough to sit and work quietly when you want them to (most of the time), old enough to understand my sarcastic sense of humor, and young enough to still want to love and please their teacher.  Some people might think that teaching fifth grade for thirty years would be boring, but all teachers know that no two years are ever the same.  I have had five different classrooms in two different buildings, numerous colleagues, two platooning partners, five principals, and hundreds of uniquely challenging students.  People have asked me if I have thought of moving on and trying something new, but to me every year is something new.  I have always known this is where I was meant to be and that I would be forever in fifth grade!

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