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I am still in the chaos of getting my room ready for the first day back to school.  Why is it that things always look way worse before they start to look better?  I am trying to control that a bit by cleaning up after myself as I work, but my room is still a disaster area!  And to frustrate me even more, when I stopped by my room this morning, all the posters I had taped up last night had fallen to the floor.  If anyone out there knows of a miracle product that will work better than masking tape, I'd love to hear about it!

I decided to take a little break from my back-to-school preparations to join in a Link Up with Julie over at The Teaching Bug.  She is having a Great Back to School Finds Link Up for products you have purchased or made during this back to school season.  

So, I thought I would share my Classroom Helpers board that I created for this year.  I needed something that would fit in a smaller space, and I had just purchased some adorable kids clip art that I thought would be perfect.  Here is a picture of my completed bulletin board.  I love how it turned out!

I made two different banners, but then decided to use them both!  I just couldn't choose which one I thought was cuter.  The set includes 24 different jobs to choose from, but I am starting the year with just eight jobs:  lunch count, board washer, paper filer, bathroom monitor, errands, floor cleaner, librarian, and pencil sharpener.  The set also comes with 19 classroom helper kid pictures to use.  I put each picture that I wanted to use on a library pocket.

Then I stapled a girl one and a boy one under each of the job headings.  My plan is to use popsicle sticks with the kids names on them and put them into the pocket to show who has which job.  There is also a job application and pocket in the set which I put in the center of my board with copies for students to take and fill out.  You can find my Classroom Helpers Bulletin Board Set at my TPT store.

Now head on over to The Teaching Bug to check out all the other great back to school products!

Also, enter a chance to win one of the six amazing bundles of prizes at the Back to School Giveaway Celebration at A Grade 7 Heaven.  My 100 Vocabulary Words for the Wise Mini Posters are in the 4 to 6 bundle.  Good luck!

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