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One of my favorite things to do for as long as I can remember is reading.  Not surprising considering I am the daughter of a librarian.  I grew up in the Flint Public Library and remain a loyal library patron to this day.  I have always had a very special relationship with books, and they were a precious part of my childhood.  Meg Ryan said it best as Kathleen Kelly in "You've Got Mail"..."When you read a book as a child, it becomes a part of your identity in a way that no other reading in your whole life does."  

One of my goals as a teacher is to inspire this same love of reading in my students.  My passion for this project was reignited a couple summers ago when I read The Book Whisperer by Donalyn Miller.  

Front Cover

One of the things that Donalyn talks about in her book is challenging her students to read 40 books in a school year.  So, for the past couple years I have been challenging my students to read more than they ever have before!  

This year I created an area in my library for books that I recommend.  I first talked about this in my post "Mrs. Rye's Recommended Reads".  It's a special area of my room that is devoted to books I have read and loved.  The first two weeks of school I added a book a day, and since then I have added a book a week.  


I love to tell them about these books and see the interest spark in their eyes!  Last week I talked about one of my all-time favorite books, Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry.  

I told them a little about the main characters, where the story takes place, and explained a little about sharecropping as it's an important aspect of the story.  Then I said that this book has my favorite scene of any book I've ever read.  I explained to them that in the story the African American kids have to walk miles to school every day through mud and rain while the white students get to ride a school bus.  The bus driver gets a sick enjoyment out of splashing mud on the kids who have to walk, but one day they get their revenge!  And!  I went to walk my five copies of the book back to the Recommended Reads section and before I even got there all of the copies had been snatched out of my hands!  

If you haven't already noticed I love Charlie Brown!  I was thrilled when I found the perfect way to document how many books my students have read.

Each student has a chart which looks like a mini gameboard.  Each time they finish and talk to me about a book, they get a sticker to track their progress.

Then I figured out how many books the entire class needed to finish for the whole year and divided it by four.  I told my class that each time they made it 25% of the way to the year long goal we would have a reading celebration, and I keep track of that on this goal chart.

We had our first reading celebration a while back and one of the things we did was have a Book Light Read In.

I got this great idea from Tara at 4th Grade Frolics when she talked about her Flashlight Friday!  I didn't find the flashlights at the dollar store, but I did find the book lights. Either way it's fun to snuggle up and read in the dark!

Another tool I added this year to help keep my students on track to reach their goal is my Reading Goal Progress Report.  I send this home with each student at the halfway and ending point of each marking period.  

You can find my Reading Goal Progress Reports for free at my TPT store!

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