Five for the Last Friday!

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five For Friday on the last day of school! Hooray!  

My kids made booklets for their dads for Father's Day this week writing about the top ten things they enjoy doing together.  They choose 10 different pages to include in their book and write about each of the ten activities they like to do with their dad.  

You can find this Father's Day Student Booklet at my TPT Store.  

This morning I had my kids write letters to my students that I will have next year.  On the first day of school I have these letters sitting on the desks so they can read them when they first come in and sit down.  

This is a freebie at my TPT Store!

Today I gave my students the memory books I put together for them.  I had them do the writing part of it during the last week but didn't tell them I was putting photographs in. They thought they were going to have to draw pictures in the boxes.  They were pretty surprised and excited when they saw them today.  They turned out great! Here are a few pages out of one of my student's books.

You can find my End of Year Memory Book at my TPT Store.

We had our auction today where students get to spend all the money they have earned in our classroom economy this last month.  I save things up all year long and usually end up with a good variety of things for the kids to buy.

The last day of school is always such a weird one for me.  And it's amazing to see how my kids and I can dismantle in a day what took me three weeks to put up!  Each time we left the room today and walked back in, my kids would say...the room looks so dull!

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