Two for Tuesday-Summer Bloggin' Week 5

I'm linking up once again this week with The Teaching Tribune for Two for Tuesday where everyone who links up offers two products at 50% off for one day only!  

So, you can shop to your heart's content knowing you are getting great bargains!  The first product I'm offering at half off today is one that I had so much fun making!  I was literally singing along sitting at my computer until my son started giving me funny looks.  It's my Grammar Rock Unit, one of my most wish-listed items.  I blogged about using it with my students way back in September of last year.  I used Grammar Rock to kick off writing for the year, learning about the different parts of speech.  You can read more about it by going here.  

Your students will love learning about nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, pronouns, interjections, and conjunctions with the same songs we loved years ago on Saturday mornings!  (If you are saying...I don't remember those on Saturday mornings...I don't want to hear it!  You must be a year or two younger than me.  But I'm sure you will love them too!)

For each part of speech you will find a lesson plan sheet with a picture of a sample anchor chart, a note-taking sheet for students to fill in while they watch the Grammar Rock video (all can be found on YouTube), a lyrics sheet so students can sing along, an activity sheet for students to do in partners or groups, and an independent worksheet.  You can find this bundle at my TPT Store.

My second deal of the day is based on one of my favorite read alouds, The Kid in the Red Jacket by Barbara Park.  The kids absolutely love this hilarious book, and I've been kicking off my reading workshop with it in recent years.  The unit teaches drawing inferences, determining theme, summarizing, describing characters, and comparing and contrasting characters which are the first three Common Core Literature Standards for grades 4, 5, and 6.  

Included in the unit are lesson plans, handouts on character traits, theme, and author's message, a character trait chart, character trait analysis worksheets, an inferring about theme and author's message worksheet, a summary graphic organizer, and three comprehension questions worksheets.  You can also find this at my TPT Store.

I hope you find all kinds of bargains today at Two for Tuesday!  Happy shopping!

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