A Happy Holiday Break!

Just taking a few moments to share some of my favorite pics from the last week!  This week was just what I needed, can't believe half of vacation is already over...

On the last day before break we made some snowflakes to brighten up our classroom! This year I made the template a little smaller, so as not to interfere with the projector on the ceiling, and we added a little color.  I forgot to take a good picture of them but found this one with them in the background.

Click on the picture below to be taken to instructions on how to make these great 3-D snowflakes!

I love this picture from our Christmas party...look at the student closest to the window on the left.  What is he doing?  He's reading!  What?!  Yes, during the chaos of the party, I look over and he's quietly reading a book.  

On Monday, Bonny, Jake, and Maddy helped out with the frosting and decorating of the Christmas cookies.  I love baking (and eating) the cookies, but honestly I don't have much patience for this part.

Christmas Eve, Bonny spent some time cuddling with Emmitt and Fletch...

and I had fun setting the table in our new dining room for the first time.

Christmas morning, Emmitt gets covered with wrapping paper...

I'm looking forward to another relaxing week!  Hope you are enjoying your break too!

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