Monday Made It for January

I'm very excited to be linking up with Tara from 4th Grade Frolics for Monday Made It, especially since my two Made Its have been in the works for quite a while!

My first Made It is a product that I have been working on for weeks (really more like months)!  Last year I really wasn't happy with my opinion or persuasive writing unit and when it came time to teach it again this year, I was determined to create a unit that was a blend of free choice writing time and writing to set topics.  I thought I would have tons of time over Christmas break to get it done, but you know how that goes!  So this weekend, I finally buckled down and finished it.  

My students have been doing a really nice job with their persuasive pieces, and I'm pleased with how the unit progressed.  I really enjoyed leading the students to discover on their own what makes good persuasive writing at the beginning of the unit.  

One activity we did involves creating an outline of the different elements of a good persuasive essay.

You can find my Persuasive Writing Unit Bundle at my TPT Store!

My second Made It is something I have been looking forward to for office! We were able to move into the house right before Thanksgiving, but my desk wasn't built until a few weeks after that.  

Finally, over break, I was able to put all the finishing touches on it.  Timm did the hard work of putting things together, painting, and finding a way to deal with the massive amount of cords, and then I got the fun part of finding little bins for organizing and decorating.

Welcome to my office!  Emmitt is the greeter!

I've got all my favorite books and knickknacks...

For the first time I have an actual filing cabinet, not just a file box!  I found this great filing cabinet online at Home Depot.

Here's my desk which is a perfect amount of space and right where I can see out the front window, and of course...

this is where you will always find Emmitt when I'm working, right at my feet!

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