Five for Friday-April 17

I'm happy to have made it through the first week back after a warm and wonderful spring break, and I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for another edition of Five for Friday!

Timm and I met up with the lovely Daisy at Magic Kingdom...somehow found time to take a few pictures in the 14 hours that we were there!  What a long but fun day!

Here we are in front of my favorite ride of all time, Tower of Terror!  So much fun, I could ride it all day!

Today we are having our second reading celebration of the year.  Everyone has read at least twenty books so far this year!  I started out reading one of my favorite picture books...

I found a sweet little video clip about the book on Youtube.

It's such an adorable story about friendship and a love for books, perfect for celebrating reading!

Our next event for the reading celebration was something I had thought I would do back in February at our Valentine party, but we ended up not having enough time.  I saw this fun game on Fun on a Dime...

Fun M&M Straw Game

and just made a little adjustment for our reading celebration.  Each student got a certain number of seconds to get as many M & M's as they could in their cup based on how many books they have read up to this point in the year.  

Some students found it was a little harder than it looks! 

Last but not least, we made some new bookmarks using paint sample cards, scrapbook punches, and needlepoint thread.  

First, choose two paint sample cards, and punch shapes in the one that you want on top.  

Lay the paint card you punched on top of another paint card.

Glue them together.  Then you can glue some of the punched shapes on top as well.

Punch a hole in the top and choose some thread.

The kids always seem to enjoy making new bookmarks!

Last, but not least I'm so excited to be blogging for the first time with my new blog design!  Kassie from Designs by Kassie created my new blog design dedicated to my sweet doodle, Emmitt!  I love it!

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