Five for Last Day of School Friday!

Today was the last day of school and somehow it felt like it was never going to get here and snuck up on me all at the same time!  It has certainly been an eventful couple of weeks, but I finally found time to link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday!

Bonny finally arrived home from Asia...though she was less than thrilled that this once in a lifetime experience was over.  I cried in the airport when she left, she cried in the airport when she returned!

Jake graduated from high school this week.  We are all so proud of his accomplishments!

I had the kids create their memory books this week.  The best part was giving them an envelope filled with all the pictures I had taken of them throughout the year!  They got to choose which ones they wanted to glue into their books.  There were lots of laughs as we remembered special moments from our year together!

You can check out my 1st-6th Grade Memory Books at my TPT Store.

Tons of fun was had at Field Day yesterday.  As always, the "Find Your Shoes" event was a hit!

We are continuing to make progress in our efforts to have a presentable yard for Jake's open house which is a week from tomorrow.  This past week we finished up this trouble spot in our yard...

Water would always collect in this low spot, which made a muddy mess and would be difficult to mow.  So, we planted some water loving plants and filled in the area with rocks.  

Now I have to go bake my 8th pan of cheesy potatoes!  Make sure you check out all the Five for Fridays at Doodle Bugs Teaching!

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