Monday Made It-July 20

It's Monday Made It time once again, and I have a couple of projects to share!

We had beautiful weather this past week, and I was inspired to get outside and get my hands dirty!  I decided to do something with the rock retaining wall we have out back.  It's hard to see in the picture, but grass and weeds were growing up in between the rocks.  

I cleaned out all the weeds, packed in some top soil, and planted some Myrtle (which I have always loved!) and Ornamental Oregano (which I didn't even know existed, but couldn't resist when I saw it!).  

I really like how it turned out!

My second Made It was a desperately needed makeover!  One of my first products way back when was a set of activities for the first week of school.

Though not horrible, these certainly aren't my style anymore.  So, I decided to make them over and add more activities.  This bundle went from 19 pages to 48 pages!  I added a set of 33 Back to School Bingo cards...

First, you have your students go around the room and have other students sign their name in boxes that apply to them and what they did over the summer.  Then everyone heads back to their seats to play Bingo.  When a student gets a Bingo, they tell which spaces they covered.  For example, "Zach went to summer camp, Sarah rode a horse, Emily cooked dinner, and Jake went on a boat."  When a student's name is mentioned, that person raises their hand and waves to the class.  The student who got the Bingo plus the kids whose names were mentioned all win!

Another activity I added is called Last Kid Standing...

I also created a pamphlet that students can make to leave on their desks for parents to get when they come to Open House...

There are all kinds of great activities included to make your first week of school run smoothly!

You can check out my new and improved bundle at my TPT Store!

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