Show & Tell Tuesday - First Ever!

I'm so excited to be hosting my first Show & Tell Tuesday, a new monthly linky that will happen on the third Tuesday of each month!

First I'll share my Show & Tell's and then I'll tell you everything you need to know to join us!

What is better than a snow day?  How about two snow days that were completely unexpected?!  We got last Monday and Tuesday off, which came as a complete surprise.  In fact, my friend and I had just been complaining about the fact that there was no hope for a snow day in the ten day forecast. It was so windy on Tuesday that I ended up shoveling the driveway three times due to blowing and drifting!  It was well worth the time at home!

Last Saturday we attended the wedding of Bonny's college roommate.  It was a beautiful occasion but beyond weird that our daughter is old enough to have friends getting married or get married herself! Actually, Timm and I were her age when we got married.  She was a beautiful maid of honor.  I love this picture of her and Elissa, another of her best friends in the wedding party!

Do you run out of places to hang anchor charts?  Last year I left a bulletin board empty for the purpose of hanging charts there, but this year I used all my boards for other things.  My buddy Melissa gave me a great idea, to use a small curtain rod!  The only trouble was figuring out how to hang it on the wall...command hooks to the rescue again!  I found really large command hooks and a super small curtain rod.

The curtain rod just rests on the command hooks.  So easy!  Then I used binder rings and just hole punched my anchor charts.

I have multiple charts on each set of binder rings and can just flip the paper over the rod and around to the back if I want to display a different chart.  When I used to put my anchor charts on bulletin boards with thumbtacks, I would have to remove all the charts, rearrange the order, and then put them back up.  This is so much easier!

Here's one of the reasons I didn't have room to put my anchor charts on a bulletin board this year.  I created a display of all the places around the world that we would talk about in our Social Studies lessons.  Each place is mentioned on one of the cards on either side of the map.

The places from the cards closest to the map have a black string pointing out the location.  The rest of the cards' locations can be found by matching up the sequins.  A sequin is on the card and the same color sequin is placed on the map at the correct location.  It's like a giant map key!

I was so excited when I saw my kids using the map as they were doing their work as historians!

If you'd like to make a Where in the World display in your classroom, you can check out my Where in the World Map Labels set at my TPT Store.  

And now is the perfect time to take a look at everything else on your wishlist or in your shopping cart because TPT is having a Start Your Year Inspired Sale that begins tomorrow!  Everything in my store is 20% off and don't forget to apply the extra 10% off promo code!

Now here's what you need to know to link up and share your Show & Tells!

Linky Information:

1. This is a monthly linky.  The idea is to “Show” up to four pictures of things from school, home, etc. and “Tell” us all about them.  Created the most amazing bulletin board ever?  Show & Tell us about it!  Have the best seats at a Red Wings game, right next to the bench?  Show & Tell us about it!  Play the best game at a party with your class?  Have a pet that just got the worst haircut ever?  Show & Tell us about it!  Only have one thing to Show & Tell about?  Not a problem! 

2. Product promotion will be limited to one and only if you are introducing a brand new product or sharing pictures of how you just used a product in your classroom.  The focus should be on sharing, not pushing things to sell. 

3. Please choose one of your Show & Tell pictures as your image for the thumbnail and type your blog name to go below the picture. 

4.  Use the main Show & Tell Tuesday button and link back to my post.  Use the numbered Show & Tell buttons in your post to share your pictures.

5. Please leave comments on at least three other posts, including the ones before and after yours.  It’s always nice to get feedback from your blogging buddies! 

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