Show & Tell Tuesday - Easy Halloween Costume

I can't believe how the weeks are flying by!  It's time to put away the deck furniture, prepare my gardens for winter, plan for the Halloween party, and do a little Show & Tell!

My first Show & Tell is for something I thought would never happen...Chick-fil-A has finally come to Michigan!  Up until now there have been no public, full-service Chick-fil-A restaurants in Michigan.  There was one on the campus of Oakland University that was only open limited hours and another in Detroit Metro Airport.  We have always had to get our fill of Chick-fil-A when we travel to Florida or recently on our trips to New Jersey to visit Bonny.  

Last week, two full service restaurants opened, the closest being 45 minutes from my house in the food court of a mall.  Friday evening, Timm and I headed down there so I could fill up on chicken nuggets with Polynesian sauce and waffle fries.  Obviously, we weren't the only Michiganders who were wanting to do the same...

From the end of the line, you couldn't even see the Chick-fil-A sign!  It took about 20 minutes before that came into view...

It was definitely worth the wait!  Now if we could just get a 4 Rivers in Michigan!

This year we started using the Bridges Math program along with Number Corner.  I couldn't believe all the materials that arrived in enormous boxes!  It was quite a task to figure out where to put everything!  This dilemma took me directly to Big Lots where I knew I could find bins that would help me get organized.  My backseat was soon filled to the brim...

The tubs I found fit perfectly in this great shelf unit I already had.  The bulletin board above it (plus half of my marker board!) has become my Number Corner.

Part of our Number Corner this month is an experiment with carrots.  Believe it or not, these are carrots...

Once I started putting my materials for Number Corner in my new tubs, I created labels for them with my new multi color set.

I'll share more later about how I have used these labels throughout my room!  If you want to hand write your labels, you can find a free set in my TPT Store!

Or you can buy the editable version...

My last Show & Tell is a super easy Halloween costume idea that your whole staff can do together!  

We downloaded a crayon template which you can find from Squawkfox here.  Print the template onto iron on paper which you can find at JoAnn Fabrics.  We bought cheap t-shirts from and ironed on the crayon logo.  Then we bought some plain party hats and covered them with construction paper to match our shirts.  What a fun and easy way to dress up as a staff!

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