Two for Tuesday-Summer Bloggin' Week 6

I'm linking up once again for The Teaching Tribune's Two for Tuesday where you can find all kinds of great products for 50% off all day long!

My first product goes with my newest favorite read aloud, Kizzy Ann Stamps by Jeri Watts.  My Kizzy Ann Stamps Common Core Unit and Student Packet can be used along with the book as a read aloud or as part of a book club.  I love this book because it teaches students about integration and has a ton of figurative language.  It is chock full of similes, metaphors, personification, imagery, and idioms.  The book and packet cover thirteen different common core standards from 3rd to 6th grade.  

You can find my Kizzy Ann Stamps Common Core Unit and Student Packet at my TPT Store

My second bargain for the day is another of my most wish-listed items and one of my favorite projects to do with my students!

You can use this project to cover the Common Core writing standards dealing with research to build and present knowledge.  Students research one of the fifty states and create a 30-page book to show all that they have learned.  Included in the set is an introductory sheet for parents and students, a schedule template, a student checklist, a 2-page grading form for the final project, unit lesson plans, a 3-page packet on paraphrasing, a 2-page worksheet on how to write a bibliography, a 2-page practice sheet on turning notes into paragraphs, and a 20-page printable final draft packet.  It's everything you need, and it's half off today!  You can check it out at my TPT Store.  

Make sure you check out all the great deals at The Teaching Tribune today!  

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