Five for ...Is it Still Friday?

It has been a long exhausting week but I wanted to squeeze in a quick Five for Friday with Doodle Bugs Teaching!

Okay, technically this was last week, but I joined some of my fellow teachers in painting the lockers in our school.

We have had lockers in three different colors and sizes as that's what you get when your lockers are hand-me-downs from other buildings.  That would drive you crazy too, right? We were lucky enough to be adopted by Home Depot.  They provided the paint along with volunteer labor from employees who work at the various stores in our area.  Isn't that awesome?!  We are hoping to eventually get windows and floors too.

I inherited a great horseshoe table from another teacher and decided to do something crazy...I got rid of my teacher desk!  First I looked for all kinds of ideas on how to organize my things on Pinterest (of course) and found a couple of great things at Big Lots and Walmart.

Fletch is showcasing a colorful 10 drawer cart that I found at Big Lots for $25.  The best part was when I saw it somewhere else the next day for $90!  I love a bargain!

Next, Fletch has a 5 drawer cart I found at Walmart.

I couldn't find a price on this anywhere and had to hunt someone down to ask them how much it was.  I was told $29 and thought...okay, I can handle that.  It rang up for $19! Love it when that happens!  

Here they are behind my work space.  I'll share more later about how I am using them.

Last year I tried this fabulous idea from Pinterest...felt footies for my chairs.  Click on the picture below for directions from Art with Mr. E.

They lasted the entire year and worked great!  So here I am once again tracing and cutting circles of felt with the help of Fletch once again.

I enlisted Jake and his girlfriend Maddy to do the fun work of removing last year's footies and putting on the new ones.  As you can see, Jake was thrilled with the task and with me for taking pictures.

It was an exciting week on the home-building front as we finally got to see our siding going up.  I agonized over red paint samples and then crossed my fingers...

I'm loving how it's turning out!  It's still Friday, but just barely...check out all the other Five for Fridays at Doodle Bugs Teaching!

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