Classroom Reveal Part 1

Well, it only took three weeks, but I think I am finally ready for the first day of school! Truth be told, I still feel like I have a million things to do, but that's the nature of the beast, right?  Today I am just sharing one small part of my teacher space.  This is what it looked like when I came back a few weeks ago...

And here we are just a few short hours (more like 150!) later...

The scary part is I got rid of my teacher desk completely!  I was a little nervous about that, but I actually feel much more organized than before.  

I bought a couple things to put behind my desk that Fletch helped me showcase a week or so ago...

I'm using the black drawers for the things I used to keep in the drawers in my desk.  The hanging files replace the hanging file drawer in my old desk, the one I call The Black Hole. Among other things I keep items in these files that I take away from students...only to be returned on the last day of school.  

The tall cart I labeled with the days of the week.  I am going to use this for my copies for the week.  

And I just had to have one of those toolboxes that you see all over Pinterest!

I am already loving this!  My desk drawers were never this organized!

You can find my Editable Toolbox Labels at my TPT Store!  

I also made a new Late Work board for my desk.  I bought an inexpensive picture frame and covered the picture that came in it with a leftover scrap of fabric from my bulletin boards and attached my sign to the frame.  Voila!  

When students have a late assignment, I write it on a little sticky note and stick it on the glass.  When they turn it in, I take the sticky note off and attach it to their paper. 

I have added the Late Work sign along with the days of the week I used on my cart to my Classroom Labels Set which is free in my TPT Store!

I'll share more of my room in the days to come, hopefully after I have gotten over my back-to-school jitters!  I am always so anxious up until that moment when my kids walk in the door.  I think I am more nervous than the students, even after all these years!  Do you still get those butterflies before your first day?

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