Five for the First Friday is Done!

It's been a crazy, hectic first week of school, but I'm going to try to squeeze in a quick Five for Friday with Doodle Bugs Teaching!

We talked today about the jobs that we all have in our classroom and created this cute anchor chart.  Love the teacher clip art, though I hope that is not what I look like yet!

We also did an activity this week that I added to my First Week of School Activities Bundle called Classroom Rules Do's and Don'ts.  The students had to really think about what each rule means to list the things they do when they are following the rule and the things they don't want to do in order to follow it.  I quickly discovered that my students didn't understand what it meant to stay on task!  You can find my First Week of School Activities at my TPT Store.

Once again, my reading area is my favorite part of my room.  It takes forever to put together, but it's so worth it!

The best part though is seeing kids reading in it!

We are already off and running with our 40 book challenge!  I've had book conferences with about five students who have finished books this first week.  I'm loving the bulletin board where we will keep track of everyone's progress!

You can check out my Camp Read-a-Lot Reading Journal and 40 Book Challenge Bundle in my TPT Store.

I'm feeling like maybe we are on the home stretch with the house.  I'm hoping we are anyway because mom and dad came home from Petoskey today and we are officially living in the basement!  I'm sure it won't be long now and in the meantime I'm going to enjoy some fine cooking!

The columns on the porch were finished this week and I think they turned out beautifully!

Lots has been going on inside too including the tile in our foyer which turned out to be a fantastic mistake!  Our bathroom tile was accidentally added to this checkerboard rather than a cream one we had chosen, and it was unanimously decided that it was meant to be!

Once again I am just getting this in on Friday by the skin of my teeth!  Enjoy all the other Five for Fridays at Doodle Bugs Teaching!

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