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I'm finally getting around to linking up with Tara at 4th Grade Frolics for a Monday Made It post I have been meaning to do for weeks!  These made-its were done back before school started but back to school this year is kicking my behind!  Does anyone else feel like the number of hours in a day shrinks to 10 once school is back in session?  It's the third week of school, and I still have not caught up yet...

I am all about covering up clutter and polka dots both so my mom helped me make some great new curtains to cover my new "desk" and open shelves.  Okay, it was more like me helping her with the few sewing tasks I am capable of...ironing and sewing in a straight line.

We got them all done Labor Day weekend, the last time I was able to head up north to the cottage.  Thank goodness mom has her antique sewing machine up there!

Here are the ones I put around my desk area and these are back in the reading area...

My second Made-It was inspired by Pinterest, of course!  I saw a couple of pictures that made me say..."I have to have those!"  The first was this picture from Simply 2nd Resources...


and the second was from Booky 4 First...

They both showed a great way to organize student file boxes.  Lucky for me my handy husband and father-in-law were willing and able to take on this project and even add a great new twist!  

They put in slots so the file boxes sit down inside these holes and don't move!  

I slid the shelves in the middle of a group of six desks...

A place for all the file boxes where they don't move...where they stay perfectly straight all day long?  It's my ocd dream!

Everything the students need right at their em!

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