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I'm linking up a quick post today with Holly over at Fourth Grade Flipper for Tried it Tuesday!  

For the past couple of years I have tried to make displaying learning targets a habit that I can stick to on a daily basis.  Last year I even had the most adorable Snoopy bulletin board that I created on which I planned to hang learning target mini posters for each subject.  I found that I still wasn't making it part of my routine to find the posters I needed and change them every morning.  

I realized I needed to find a way to tie it in with something else that I already do on a daily basis.  Every morning I type up what the students need to bring up to me in terms of homework along with the day's lunch choices.  If I could just prep my learning targets each morning on my computer at the same time, I would be all set!

So I created an editable learning target using PowerPoint on which I type the targets for each subject.  As soon as planners are checked and homework is turned in, I switch to my learning target page.  The best part about using PowerPoint is I can use the slideshow mode and it takes up the whole screen!

If the principal walks in and asks one of my kids what the learning target is for the lesson, they better be able to tell her!  

You can get this fully editable Learning Target Poster at my TPT Store for free!

This year my school has switched to standards based grading and eliminated the traditional A, B, C letter grades.  Instead we are reporting grades based on a 4 point rubric.  This has been a huge adjustment for both the teachers and the students.  I created some mini posters to display on my front board to help my students better understand what the numbers mean.  

This is another freebie at my TPT Store!  

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