Five for Friday-October 17

I'm going to try to squeeze in a quick Five for Friday during the intermissions of the Red Wings game tonight.  

One of my students wrote the most hilarious compare/contrast essay for Social Studies, you must read it!  If only they could all be this much fun to read!

This is my favorite brand new thing in my room this year.  Last year for Christmas my daughter, Bonny, wanted a giant world map to hang on the wall in her room.  The first one that arrived was in a pretty mangled tube, so they sent me a second one for free.  The first one was wrinkled, but nothing that a good laminator couldn't fix.  So I decided to create a display where I would add the places that we discuss in each unit throughout the year.  As soon as I have a little time, I plan to add this product to my store (minus the giant world map!).

What I love the most is that during lessons when students are working on an activity with a partner they will go over to look at the map!

We worked once again today on our Camp Common Core Critical Verbs Packet.  This was one of my projects last summer.  I put together a packet of the verbs students need to know to be successful on assessments including Common Core.  I have a large display of the words on the wall, and each Friday we go over two more of the verbs.  We come up with a class definition, sentence, and brainstorm synonyms.  I give them an example of a question that uses the verb and they draw a picture to show what the verb means.

You can check out this bundle in my TPT Store.

Here's a couple of the latest pictures from the house.  We are really getting close!  

This is the master bedroom.  So glad we changed the color...

And here's the latest from the living room...

Have a great weekend and check out all the other Five for Friday fun at Doodle Bugs Teaching!

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