Two for Tuesday is Back!

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June is now only a day away so many of you have already begun your long awaited summer vacation and the rest of us will soon be joining you!  This time of year means it's time once again for Two for Tuesday!

Two for Tuesday is a fun summer time linky with Chalk One Up for the Teacher where you can load up on all kinds of great products for next year at a big discount!  My first Two for Tuesday of the season includes the two products that I worked hardest on this school year.

The Kid in the Red Jacket Core Standards & Close Reading Unit and "Wonder" Common Core Close Reading Unit are two of my new reading units where I pulled everything together that I have been trying to do the last few years.  They include a read aloud of a high interest book that students love where I have gone through the book to find places to stop and model the kind of thinking that I want my students to learn to do on their own such as making inferences, analyzing the actions of characters, noticing and interpreting figurative language, etc.  

Next, the students do close reading with short stories where they can practice those very same skills that I just modeled for them in the read aloud.  Here, the students learn to annotate with a purpose and have quality discussions about their reading and thinking with their peers.

I was proud of the progress that my students made this year and the way that their responses to their reading improved and became more thoughtful.  They learned how to provide evidence for their thinking by quoting the text.

The Kid in the Red Jacket Core Standards & Close Reading Unit (which you can read more about hereteaches choosing just right books, drawing inferences, determining theme, summarizing, describing characters with character traits, comparing and contrasting characters, close reading, annotating, using quotes as evidence, and figurative language. 14 different common core standards in 4th, 5th, and 6th grades are covered in this unit!

Included in the unit are a list of the Common Core Standards, detailed daily lesson plans which are based on a read aloud lesson , shared reading, and reading workshop format, a 23-page student packet, character trait analysis worksheets, a summary graphic organizer, three comprehension questions worksheets, and a 4 page assessment. 

All you will need in addition to these materials is one copy of each of the following books:

The "Wonder" Common Core Close Reading Unit teaches making inferences, figuring out the meaning of words and figurative language, analyzing characters, determining theme, quoting text to support your thinking, and so much more! 

Included in this bundle are 19 learning target mini posters (11 x 17), a 22-page student packet, and a five-page unit assessment and key.

The only other materials you will need are one copy of each of the following books:

You can pick up these two great resources, today only, for half off!

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