Show & Tell Tuesday - School's Out!

School has been out for six days, and I'm definitely getting into my summer routine.  It's so nice to stay up late and not have to get up at 5:30 in the morning!  My Show & Tells this month are a combination of school letting out and summer time starting...

My first Show & Tell is some yard work we have wanted to do ever since we first bought this property!  We were lucky enough to get four of those electrical/cable/phone boxes in our front yard and wanted to do some planting that would eventually hide them all a bit.  Here's a peek at what it looked like before...

What really gets me is the huge red pole.  I mean, really?  There are a few wires there sticking up about six inches out of the ground.  I know because that pole didn't exist when we first bought the property.  We just came by one day and bam!  There's a four foot bright red pole in the yard!  After several hours and the rental of a nightmare of a sod cutter...

Hopefully, everything will grow in nicely and hide this stuff.  What happened to the four foot bright red pole?  Gee...I don't know.  Amazing what a hack saw and some spray paint will do!

I wanted to show you guys how I put one of my Pick 3 pins into action in my classroom.  One of my Pick 3 pins from June was from Jackie at Here We Go Loopty Loo.  She showed how she celebrates the last 20 days of school with her students by putting fun rewards or activities inside of balloons and hanging them around her classroom.  You pop one each day and do the fun activity inside.  Here's the pic from her pin...

I cut it down to the last 12 days of school which was perfect since we had 12 days of school after Memorial Day, and I created "The 12 Days Before School Was Out".  I came up with twelve special activities that we would do each day and wrote them on a piece of paper worded like this...

On the 12th day before school was out, Mrs. Rye's class got to enjoy a potato chip buffet at snack time.  

On the 3rd day before school was out, Mrs. Rye's class got to sit wherever they wanted.

On the last day before school was out, Mrs. Rye's class got to have a pancake breakfast and watch a movie.  

You get the idea, right?  I rolled them up, put them inside of twelve balloons, numbered them, and hung them around the room.  

At the end of each day, I chose a student to pop the balloon which told us what the fun activity would be tomorrow.

My kids this year were gems right up to the very end, so I didn't need to tie any behavior management to whether or not we popped the balloon.  With a little more rambunctious class, I might do something similar to my incentive I do between Thanksgiving and Christmas and write a phrase on the board, erasing a letter every time the class is noisy or not following directions.  The class would need to have at least one letter remaining in order to pop that day's balloon.  This year it was just a fun way for me to show my kids how much I appreciated them!

My third Show & Tell was one of the fun activities I did with my students during our 12 Days Before School is Out.  It can be really challenging to get students to work quietly on anything during the last few days of school, let alone write, but this activity does it!  The idea is to buy as many candy bars as you can find that have names that can mean something else such as Crunch, Milky Way, Chunky, Mars, Mr. Goodbar, etc.  Then you display all of the candy bars for students to see and tell them they need to write a story that incorporates all of the names, but they can not be used as the candy.  They need to be used like this..."One afternoon, Mr. Goodbar was walking along 5th Avenue when he heard a loud Crunch beneath his feet."  The students must have all the elements of a fiction story and their story must make sense.  I tell the students if they are able to use all of the candy bar names and are willing to read it aloud to the class, then they can have one of the candy bars.  A little bribery goes a long way at the end of the year!  You could have heard a pin drop in my classroom for at least 45 minutes!

I created a fun little freebie for this that you can find in my TPT Store!

My last show and tell is twofer...a 2 for Tuesday that is!  I'm also linking up today with Chalk One Up for the Teacher for her weekly summer 2 for Tuesday where you can get some awesome deals on great products!

My 2 for Tuesday deals are all about books!  

First is my Book Quote Poster Set.  I had so much fun putting this together last summer.  I found 26 inspiring quotes from many of the most popular authors of children's books and created three different poster versions to choose from: black and white, colored polka dot, and photograph. Also included is a PowerPoint presentation of all the photograph posters!  Here are just a few...

I used a few of these posters on my window in the hallway...

You can get my Book Quote Poster Set today for half off in my TPT Store!

My second 2 for Tuesday deal is my 40 Book Challenge Bundle.  You can use this bulletin board and reading journal set to motivate your students to meet a 40 book challenge in your reading workshop this year! 

Included in the bundle are 5 banners, 12 bulletin board charts to track student progress, and a student reading journal set which includes 3 sheets for listing and rating their 40 books, 4 different graph sheets to choose from to help students track the genre requirements, 2 characteristics of genre note-taking sheets, a "Books I want to read" sheet, a good readers strategies sheet, a strategies reflection sheet, a generic reading log sheet, and 2 certificates for completing the challenge. 

Having a place in the classroom to keep track of how many books the students read, really does motivate my students to keep up on finishing their books.

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