July Pick 3

It's July 3, which means it's time for Pick 3:  This Month's Top Pinterest Picks with Inspired Owl's Corner, Pawsitively Teaching, and Just Reed!

My first pin is from Happy Teacher, Happy Kids...

(Click on pic to go to original pin.)

Summer time is the perfect time to be thinking of new ways to make your classroom more organized for the upcoming school year!  (Though to be honest, I love new organizational ideas any time!)  Diana has all kinds of creative ways to declutter!

My second pin is along those same lines...

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There's one idea in this post that I have to try...a DIY easel with PVC pipe!  

Summer time for me always means trying out new recipes, and with my sweet tooth that means new desserts!  I was having a hard time deciding between two different recipes to share, so I thought I'd just share them both!  This first one is already gluten free...

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and the second one I could easily make gluten free!

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Hope you can find some new things you want to try by checking out all the super Pick 3 pins!

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