August Pick 3 - Heading Back to School

It's the beginning of August which means it's time to start thinking and planning for the new school year, and it's time for Pick 3!

My first pin is from BuzzFeed.  There are some fabulous ideas here for decorating your classroom, which is the first thing I start thinking about when it's time to head back to my classroom in August.  

(Click on pic to go to original pin.)

My second pin is an adorable idea for Welcome Back goody bags for your students!

(Click on pic to go to original pin.)

This third pin is a great back to school activity that would be such a cool bulletin board or hallway display!  It's from Art Projects for Kids.

(Click on pic to go to original pin.)

Hope you are able to find lots of pins in this month's Pick 3 that will inspire you for the new school year!

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