Show & Tell Tuesday - Making an Easel

I can't believe it's halfway through August already!  I need to get my mind in back to school mode.  One of my back to school projects was making an easel.  You can see it in the pic below.  Check out how easy it is!

I finally got one of the things marked off my summer wish list!  It's been a while since I took the time to walk along the shores of Lake Michigan, and I won't let that much time go by again.  We were up north this past weekend with my parents and my brother's family.  We had to eat one last lunch at Scovie's in Charlevoix which apparently has the best burgers ever served on pretzel buns.  Since they aren't gluten free, I've never had one myself, but they do make an outstanding Northern Michigan chicken salad with cherries!  After lunch, my dad wanted to check out Mount McSauba park to look for some driftwood along the shoreline.  It was a little drizzly and we had to walk over a small sand dune, but it was worth it!  

We only found one good piece of driftwood, but it was a doozy!  I can't believe they got it back to the car and into the car which also had to drive all seven of us back to the cottage!

Wish I had more time to just hang out and listen to this...

I stopped by school yesterday just to get my before pics.  I'm heading in to work tomorrow.

Timm helped me out last week with my first back to school project!  I have never had an easel that has worked for me.  I have had three easels that my school has purchased for several hundred dollars each.  Two of them broke within the first few months, and one of them actually fell over and cut one of my student's head open!  So, I was very interested to come across this pin...

Tammy gives step-by-step instructions and a detailed materials list on how to create your own easel out of pvc pipe.  So, Timm and I headed to Menards.  It was cheaper to buy the pvc pipe in 10 foot sections, and we still managed to make them fit in my tiny Prius!

The materials cost only $35 all together!

It took "us" (I did pretty much nothing) a total of 90 minutes from start to finish!

The only thing that we did differently than what Tammy did is make the shelf between the two boards 22 inches instead of 28.  It just seemed a little wide to me.  I'm so excited to find a spot for it in my room!

One of the projects I wanted to finish this summer was my Historian's Club game that I have done for the past couple of years.  This is a game that the students play to learn the unit vocabulary.  I knew that many of my students were not spending the time studying at home, but we didn't really have much class time to devote to it either.  We discuss vocabulary words in the course of each lesson, but there isn't much extra time for just studying the vocab or playing games with them.  So, I created Historian's Club.  Historian's Club meets during lunch.  The kids bring in their lunches and play a game involving the vocabulary words for that unit.  

The kids seem to really enjoy it, and I have seen it make quite an impact on some of their vocabulary quiz scores!  Historian's Club became so popular, in fact, that I had to sometimes draw names to see who would be able to come, since I teach two sections of social studies.  

I finished putting together the materials for all of the fifth grade units.  You can use the same game board throughout the year, so it doesn't take much prep.  You can check it out at my TPT Store.

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