12 Days of Holiday Ideas - Party Planning

It's Day 

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and it's time to start planning the holiday party!  In previous years all of the holiday parties stressed me out!  Your students are amped up, you are trying to contain their energy and keep some shred of control, and you often have parents in your classroom to witness the chaos.  What I have found works best is to divide the kids up in groups and keep them moving from one activity to another.  We have a one hour party and for me it works best to divide my students into three groups and have three different activities that they will rotate through.  

Station 1 - Food!

Only one of the groups will eat at a time.  This means there is less down time as students wait to get their snacks or treats.  Last year we made waffles and this year we are doing breakfast again with pancakes, so that gives us time to cook for each group.  

Station 2 - Game

I like to move one group to another part of the classroom for some sort of game.  This helps with the kids who feel extra antsy sitting in their seats for too long.  It can be an easy game like bingo or even a card game.  Check back tomorrow when I'll be sharing a fun card game that's perfect for the holidays!

Station 3 - Activities/Partner Games

For the third station, I have my students get down their stockings to see what all the goodies are inside, and then play a game with a partner or a small group.  You could also have the students do a coloring or puzzle activity of some sort, anything that will keep them busy for about fifteen minutes. I hope this helps you plan a party that not only your kids will enjoy but you will be able to enjoy too!

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