12 Days of Holiday Ideas - Rudolph Game

Thank goodness it's Friday and time for Day 9 of...

In yesterday's post I talked about how I like to do stations at my holiday parties, and one of my stations is always a game.  Last year I created my own version of the card game Spoons that I call Rudolph.  All you need is a deck of cards and some small red pom poms.  Here's how you play...


Sit in a circle.  Place pom poms in the middle of the circle where everyone can reach.  You need one less pom pom than you have players.  So, if you have five players to start, put four pom poms in the middle..  

Deal four cards to each player.  The object of the game is to get four of a kind such as four 9's, queens, etc.  

The dealer will draw a card from the top of the remaining deck and look at it.  If the dealer wants to keep that card, she puts in in her hand and discards one of her other four cards.  If she doesn't want the card, she just discards that one.  She discards the card by putting it face down in front of the player to her left.  

That player will now look at that card and decide if he or she wants to keep it.  He/she will either discard that one to his/her left in front of the next player or another card from his/her hand if it is a card he/she wants to keep.  

The dealer, meanwhile, continues to draw the top card from the deck and either keeps it or discards it to the left.  Eventually all of the players will be picking up and discarding cards to their left.    

The first person to get four of a kind takes a red pom pom from the middle and places it on his/her nose.  As soon as someone takes a pom pom, everyone may take one, even if you don't have four of a kind.  The last person, who does not get a pom pom, is out!  You soon realize that you have to pay attention to the cards but also keep on eye on the middle and everyone else so you don't miss it when someone else reaches for a pom pom.  Watching the kids play this game with my daughter literally made me laugh out loud!  They had so much fun!

The kids might have had as much fun as Bonny did!

The best part was watching them sitting their like Rudolph and quietly giggling to themselves waiting for the other kids to realize that they needed to grab a pom pom!

Round two continues with one fewer player, so one pom pom needs to be removed.  You keep playing until you have a final winner!  The kids didn't even mind too much when they were out, because it was so fun to watch the others play!

See you tomorrow for the 10th Day of Holiday Ideas!

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