12 Days of Holiday Ideas for the Classroom - #11

Day 11 is here, and it's really beginning to look like the holidays outside!  We are in the midst of our first winter storm of the season!

Emmitt and I are loving the snow, as he enjoys the cool run through the yard, and I have visions of a snow day dancing in my head.  Timm and Jake who are taking turns shoveling are less thrilled.

In honor of the snow, I'm sharing some great snowflake art projects you can do with your kids.  Yesterday, I shared a great snowflake I've made with my students before, which you can read about here.  Today, I'm sharing some other beautiful snowflake art projects that I have found.  Click on each picture to be directed to my Pinterest pin where you can then click through to the website for more information about the project.

Martha Stewart shows you how to make another great three dimensional snowflake with white paper bags in this video.  

You can find bags like these from Gordon's, and they aren't too expensive.  You get so many, that I sometimes split the package with another teacher who also wants to do the project.


Snowflakes made by folding and cutting paper look beautiful but aren't always that easy.  That's why I love this post from It's Always Autumn!  Autumn has templates you can print and trace as well as an easy to follow video showing you exactly how to fold and cut!


This post from Play Ideas actually has 25 different snowflake crafts for kids but my favorite one is this snowflake made with pasta!


This next one reminds me of a Valentine bubble art project I did with my kids a couple years ago.  I think I might have to try it again with snowflakes!


I love this next idea too!  I'm thinking maybe I could combine it with Autumn's templates from #2 above!

Last but not least, is another spin on the paper bag snowflake.  Aren't they beautiful?

All these ideas make me want to spend a whole day just making different kinds of snowflakes with my kids!

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