Show & Tell Tuesday - February

February usually means continued snow and cold here in Michigan, but today it's supposed to reach almost 60 degrees!  Regardless of the weather, it's time for Show & Tell!

Just four more days and we will be bringing home Barnaby, the newest member of the Rye family.  What a sweetheart he was on Valentine's Day to send us these adorable pictures!

And look at this picture of him on his first visit to the beach!

I just recently posted my first project on Donors Choose to ask for two electric pencil sharpeners, since every day my "Pencil Sharpeners" would have to make the trek all the way down to the office to get a small basket of pencils sharpened.  The kids and I were so excited when our project was funded within two days, and our new pencil sharpeners are on their way!  

So, we quickly got our next project ready, and it was posted just a couple days ago.  You can go to our project page by clicking on the picture below.  

My students absolutely love book series like Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Dork Diaries, the Middle School books, and so on, but with a school of 500 students, it can be difficult to find them in the library.  I have a few in my classroom reading area but not complete sets.  We hope to be adding these books to our library soon!

Anyone else required to have student learning targets for every lesson?  I've tried different ways of displaying them for my students, and what I'm doing this year has worked out the best.  Right next to my agenda on the board, I created a space for the learning targets.

Each morning, I just write the learning targets on the board.  

Since they are right next to my schedule and my computer display, they are in a noticeable location.  This is ideal for me and my students.  We are expected to start the lesson telling the student what the target is, have them discuss it with each other in their words, come back to it at least once during the lesson, and then discuss it again when you wrap up the lesson.  If you would like to create your own learning target board, you can grab this freebie in my TPT Store!

Now here's what you need to know to link up and share your Show & Tells!

Linky Information:

1. This is a monthly linky.  The idea is to “Show” up to four pictures of things from school, home, etc. and “Tell” us all about them.  Created the most amazing bulletin board ever?  Show & Tell us about it!  Have the best seats at a Red Wings game, right next to the bench?  Show & Tell us about it!  Play the best game at a party with your class?  Have a pet that just got the worst haircut ever?  Show & Tell us about it!  Only have one thing to Show & Tell about?  Not a problem! 

2. Product promotion will be limited to one and only if you are introducing a brand new product or sharing pictures of how you just used a product in your classroom.  The focus should be on sharing, not pushing things to sell. 

3. Please choose one of your Show & Tell pictures as your image for the thumbnail and type your blog name to go below the picture. 

4.  Use the main Show & Tell Tuesday button and link back to my post.  Use the numbered Show & Tell buttons in your post to share your pictures.

5. Please leave comments on at least three other posts, including the ones before and after yours.  It's always nice to get feedback from your blogging buddies!

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