Fun and Easy Halloween Costume Ideas for Your Whole Staff

October is speeding by, and it's time to start thinking about Halloween!  I will admit that Halloween is a bit stressful as an elementary teacher.  You have the difficult job of trying to keep the kids contained on one of their most exciting days of the year.  Halloween comes with a huge opportunity though to build more rapport with your class.  Nothing makes your students happier than seeing you embrace the fun and dress up for Halloween!  In our building, we try to come up with a theme that all staff can easily pull off.  One of our favorite fun and easy costume ideas was Waldo!  

Where's Waldo Halloween

We weren't sure that all of our students would be familiar with Waldo, so we got some Where's Waldo books from the library to put in our classrooms for a couple weeks.  Then we made some color copies of Waldo and started placing them all around our classrooms and the building.  Once my students would find the Waldo in our room, I would move him the next day to a new spot.  

The kids were so excited each day to come into the classroom and find Waldo.  It's such a simple easy thing that puts a little bit of fun and joy into their day, and on Halloween, the kids definitely knew who we were!  Need another easy costume idea for your staff?  How about crayons?

Crayon Halloween Costumes

Ever heard of a VSCO girl?  I hadn't, but apparently it's a thing.  So, this year we all dressed up like VSCO girls, and the kids flipped out!  They loved it!

VSCO Girls Halloween Costumes

It doesn't get much easier than Scrabble pieces spelling out one of your favorite words!

Scrabble Halloween Costumes

Another super cute idea is Class Dojo monsters!

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