How to Create a Basic Facts Bulletin Board & Name Sticks Cans

This year I wanted to create a bulletin board for the basic facts test results.  Our report card has a section under math where we have to report how well the students have mastered each of the four basic facts tests.  They have to complete one hundred problems in a limited amount of time.  I have my students keep graphs of their personal results in their math folders, but I also wanted a place in the room where they could see their growth.  So, I added ledger sized graphs to my Basic Facts Bundle and created this bulletin board.  

Basic Facts Graphs

I didn't want any student names on the graphs, so I just numbered each column.  I give my students a number based on our alphabetized class list.  

I wanted the graphs to be reusable from marking period to marking period, so I laminated them and bought some bright washi tape.  I use the tape to show each student's progress.

As the students' scores go up, I just add more to their column.  At the end of the year, I can just peel all of the tape off and use the charts again next year.  

Name Sticks Cans

I was so inspired by a post I came across last summer from Diane at Fifth in the Middle about using drink mix containers for a name stick holder!   You can see her original post by clicking on the picture below.

I put my spin on the idea and now have name stick holders, sharp and dull pencil cans, mystery motivator cans, and a coin drive can!

Grab this freebie to create your own!

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